Spinosaurus: The New Evidence.  

Early 1900s Spinosaurus Model (The first model)
Science has changed many things on what we know about dinosaurs in the past century. This new discovery made on spinosaurus has changed on what we previously thought about dinosaurs in Africa completely. Spinosaurus was first discovered in 1934 by a German fossil hunter called Ernst Stromer. Ernst Stromer found only fragments of the Spinosaurus and he described it as an Allosaurus with a sail on its back from the Spines he found. These fossils were put up in displayed in Munich. Stromer wanted the fossils removed from the museum because World War II broke out but Munich was controlled by the Nazi Empire so they declined. Munich was soon bombarded in 1944 by US Bombers and Spinosaurus was lost in History. 

1990s to Early 2000s Spinosaurus Model
Spinosaurus's model soon changed around the 1990s to early 2000s and Spinosaurus was the largest carnivore in existance. This new Spinosaurus was seen in the move Jurassic Park III and The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers in 2007. Spinosaurus also starred in many documentaries such as Monsters Resurrected and Planet Dinosaur. Spinosaurus however was not the killing machine you expected it to be. In the year 2014 on September 12th,
This is the 2014 Recontsruction of Spinosaurus
Spinosaurus was a completely different animal. Spinosaurus was the first dinosaur that actually swam in water for most of its life. Spinosaurus also walked on all 4 limbs because it was front heavy. Spinosaurus diet was mainly fish and since there was a mystery of why there were so many big dinosaurs in Africa, the answer has been revealed to us by these new facts science has revealed to us.

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